Read on to learn what makes E.C.F. Entertainment is one of the most qualified entertainment companies in the industry! They also share with us the Top 5 Overlooked Necessities When Booking Entertainment for your wedding!

Company Snapshot: E.C.F. Entertainment delivers THE very best party-rocking, awe-inspiring, photobooth-dropping, hands down BEST wedding experience up and down the East Coast. Our 5-Star DJs, exquisite lighting packages, and talented live musicians are sure to make you feel like the rockstar you are on your most important of days! Fluid, professional, and polished MCs navigate you through your picture perfect evening, without the embarrassment. Backed by nearly one thousand 5-Star testimonials, there is no better collection of incredibly talented performers. Your feet will be seriously mad at us by night’s end!!

For 12 years running, E.C.F. Entertainment has been awarded Couple’s Choice Award from WeddingWire and have also been recognized by The Knot‘s Hall of Fame!


1) Planning Tools. We know this is likely your first time shopping for anything quite like what goes into wedding planning. It’s foolish to expect you to know everything right from jump street. Letting you fend for yourself is not the most productive approach. Be sure your entertainment option has modern day planning tools to help encourage and guide you when you just aren’t feeling terribly confident at that moment.

2) Insurance. Many of your too-good-to-be-true priced options lack in some significant areas – hence that incredibly low price. One of those areas you should not overlook is whether or not your entertainment carries year-round event insurance. Some can even add venue’s as an additionally insured at NO COST! Without this, you could find yourself liable for damage or injury, and absolutely nothing to protect or help you.

3) Full-time Professionals. DJing is notoriously a side hustle for most. Something dabbled in when the traditional “9 to 5” is off the clock. Why choose sporadic and unpredictable attention, when you can have round-the-clock care! Full-time entertainers provide you with incredible confidence as you try to build something incredible!

4) The Negative Review. That’s right. We said it! Look at the negative reviews too. No company with decades of experience is perfect. No company with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews will own a 100% score. Approach that with a skeptic’s eye. You want to be able to see the good and the bad, and compare the ratios while you are at it. Ten total reviews, and one negative is significantly more damning than one hundred total reviews, and one negative. Who knows, maybe the negative review gives you something to ask about during your next consultation…See how the company has improved in that specific area!

5) Pre-screen, pre-contract. Are you able to vet the entertainer available for you prior to an agreement? Do you only speak with the owner of the company and rely on a random assignment? For someone as important as a DJ to your day, it is probably best to find a company who allows an interview process WITH the DJ for you before you dive into the pool. You should be able to feel excited, confident, and super comfortable with your potential DJ before contracts and deposits are at the forefront. This choice is kind of a big deal…Shouldn’t it be YOU who makes it?

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