We invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know Carissa Corsi Events and learn what 5 mistakes not to make before you book your wedding vendors!

Company Snapshot: I’m Carissa! I started my event planning business, Carissa Corsi Events, around my 9-5 job and felt so connected to it that I made the decision to go all in and make it my full-time. Planning has always had a special place in my soul. Through the years, I have organized/planned everything from weddings of 200+ people, baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, and large corporate events. As a planner, my mission is to establish a unique connection with every client I have the joy of supporting. I want to ensure the vision for your event comes to life in the most magnificent way. I plan to be by your side through the planning process.

Carissa Corsi Events is a Boston-based wedding and event planning company built on the belief that magnetic connections drive the true beauty of life’s celebrations. There are five pillars at the heart of it all: meaningful connections, productivity, creativity, celebrations, and lifelong memories. We serve Boston + New England, offering a wide range of services from wedding and elopement packages, social event packages, and engagement consulting.

My first wedding on my own was at the Narragansett Towers in good ol’ Rhode Island (my home state). For those not familiar, this is a picturesque venue overlooking one of the most popular beaches in the state. Something happened for me that day …

About an hour into the reception (after the bride & groom and their parties introductions), I was approached by the bride directly (and I may or may not have been busting out some light dance moves to the local band playing, just saying). She put her hand on my shoulder and said “Honey, what you’ve done is amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day”. If I’m being honest, my heart beat so fast with excitement. It was at that very moment that I knew this journey was meant for me.

5 Mistakes People Make Before Booking Their Wedding Vendors

1 – Getting Yourself Organized, FIRST. From bridal blogs, emails, magazines, Pinterest boards, social media, & more, there’s a heck of a lot to take in! That said, the number one step that people fail to take before all else, is to get themselves organized. Buy yourself a planner to document tasks leading up to the wedding/hold yourself accountable, invest in a wedding-specific email address to avoid wedding-related items getting lost in your personal inbox, and start creating your Google Docs as this will streamline logistics and enhance collaboration with vendors.

2 – A Lax Budget. Most people avoid asking themselves the hard money-based questions upfront such as “What is the absolute max amount I’m willing to spend?” It’s supercritical that you highlight the elements you just cannot live without, first. From there, you can start adding other items to the mix (including a safety net or splurge fund that you can dip into if need be) and determine where you might be able to cut back/eliminate. Lastly, a lot don’t take into consideration that costs can go up when you add more guests so you’ll want to monitor as you go and try to stick within the means of the initial plan.

3 – Attachment To A Specific Date. Picking dates can be the simplest or the most difficult beforehand task. What most do not think about is selecting a handful of date ranges instead of specific dates before stepping into a venue meeting. Other things that can impact the date you chose are the key parties involved, no-go dates, season, year, and how long you have to coordinate the wedding itself. You need to plan to be flexible and go into your venue meetings with an open mind because hey, the venue of your dreams might require you to be!

4 – No Cap To The Guest List. Before even thinking about the WHO, you need to decide the count. Some questions you’ll want to ask yourself are: how many people total does the venue allow, how many do I feel comfortable with, what fits my budget. The biggest piece of advice I can give here is, don’t feel bad. You have to lay out ground rules and stick to them, especially in these crazy times. It isn’t ideal nor fun, but it will all work itself out.

5 – Last Minute Wedding Styling. The vibe of your wedding is everything and shouldn’t be overlooked. Are you going for vintage, boho, modern chic, farmhouse, etc.? Do you want a black tie or lax look/feel? It all comes back to your personalities and what themes fill your heart with immediate passion. Remember, you can always settle on a basic look and incorporate specifics later on. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Testimonial: Carissa is absolutely amazing and truly deserves ten stars! I knew from our first meeting she had to be my day of coordinator, and she ended up so much more than that! She made sure everything was taken care of by reaching out to vendors and coordinating times/drop-offs which made my last a couple weeks before the big day very stress-free. The day-of, she was a god sent! She was there taking care of business! Since we had a backyard wedding, we had a lot of vendors coming in and she set up a timeline that made the whole day go off without a hitch. She really did make my wedding vision come to life and executed it perfectly. She made sure my wedding day was smooth and everything was taken care of. Carissa truly went above and beyond, and I am very lucky to call her a friend. Highly highly recommend Carissa!
– Kelly F
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