Today is the official launch of LoveJourney Bahamas! We are excited to feature them and support their new beginning. Read on to learn about their launch and be sure to visit their website lovejourneybahamas.com in support of their launch!

COMPANY SPOTLIGHT: LoveJourney is an all-inclusive concierge experience that offers the best of both worlds – a US-based event design and planning experience, leveraging ease of connection and transactions, and a Bahamas-based event management team with more than ten years experience with local venues, artisans, and vendors. LoveJourney Bahamas is the labor of love of two cousins Datra and Danielle, who grew up as sisters in The Bahamas.


How did you get your idea or concept for your business? LoveJourney Bahamas was born of this time when we still choose to celebrate life, with those closest to us. We’re so inspired and in love with love. It is an honor to share the joy of couples that want to celebrate and affirm their love – especially during these times. They have chosen each other, they have chosen this time. Everything may change, but love remains. We also know that destination weddings have always been special but not always accessible. Our concierge service gives the best of both worlds – a US-based design service, and a Bahamas-based event service. We look at LoveJourney as an extended family and we can’t wait to welcome our journeyers to The Bahamas.

What is unique about your business? Our business is built for smaller, intimate, custom celebrations that infuse the authentic culture of The Bahamas. You’re not one of many. The guest list is also smaller – there are no observers on your LoveJourney, everyone is there to support you and be with you. That means our guest lists are 2 to 20 people, and we love it. We can give each couple the attention and thoughtfulness to detail, with the convenience of a concierge.

How did you pick the name of your business? Your wedding is a great milestone in your relationship – but it’s the beginning! The best is yet to come. Oftentimes the wedding becomes a finite event and we want to acknowledge it’s a part of your beautiful journey and help you make it your own. That’s how we decided on the name LoveJourney.

Tell us a little bit about your background in your career prior to starting your business. We’re so excited to be doing this together. We come from a strong line of female entrepreneurs and this business is part of the LoveJourney of our family as well. As cousins we grew up together in The Bahamas, and now we get to share the best of The Bahamas with our journeyers. Datra has a background in client service and advisory, so she is great at listening to what’s really needed. Danielle has more than eight years of hotel, business and private event management experience.

If you had to give just one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be? Your wedding is a reflection of your relationship together. We often say your spouse is the only person in your family you get to choose, so choose wisely! The same is for the details of your LoveJourney, it is your chosen beginning, and an opportunity to reflect on what you want to build together. It should also be fun!