Today we have the pleasure of featuring Mike Neilan & his team at Neilan Media! Excited to share with you a little background information and a fun interview, along with some gorgeous wedding photos!

Company Spotlight: We are a wedding photo/video team based out of Providence, RI but traveling all over New England. We started in 2016 and over the last two years we’ve really grown. Our style is very natural, candid, and fun. We love meeting new people, capturing weddings, and creating memories for people that last a lifetime.


How did you get your idea or concept for your business? In college, there was a girl in one of my classes who was a bartender. She told us all about a couple who were regulars at this restaurant who were looking for a videographer for their wedding, but they didn’t have a ton of money to spend. I had never shot a wedding but I had been wanting to do one, so she connected me with the couple and I shot their wedding 6 months later. From there it took off and I started filming some friends weddings before really advertising and filling up my Summer with them. In 2017 we started offering photography for weddings, and in that same year we provided both photo + video at a wedding for the first time.
What is unique about your business? I think what’s unique about us is our style; we really capture the day as it happens and try to focus on the fun aspects of the day, as well as the moments that the bride/groom may have missed. It’s a busy day and every couple says that it goes by extremely fast, so seeing those moments they may have missed is really special to them. 
Tell us a little bit about your background in your career prior to starting your business. In college I started doing freelance video work for professors and small companies in the area. I loved it. Even in my free time between classes in college I was making videos for fun, practicing and seeing how I could improve my work. 
What motivates you? What motivates me is constantly wanting to improve our work and see our newest piece of work, whether it’s a photo gallery or a video from a wedding. I’m always excited to see how our team can do on the latest wedding and seeing the improvement over time. I also just love what I do so building this business and providing the best possible service / experience at the same time is just in my blood. 
If you had to give just one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be? I am actually now planning my own wedding so I feel comfortable speaking to this haha, but just take a deep breath. In the end, it’s your day and it’s going to be incredible. Try to remember that. You’re never ever going to please everyone with your decisions, and that’s ok! So just take a deep breath and remember that it’s going to be the best day of your life. Smile.