June 9th

at the Boston Peabody Marriot


Stephanie Berenson, owner of Stephanie Berenson Photography, is a published wedding & portrait photographer based in Boston, MA serving joyful and full of love couples all over Massachusetts, New England, and worldwide.

Stephanie has been photographing for over 10 years, and in 2019 she made the leap from the corporate world to go full time as a professional photographer and pursue her dream career that she had been building up on the side for many years. Over the past few years, Stephanie has worked hard to create a wedding photography experience that is truly one of a kind and is completely focused on the couple, their love, and their dream for their wedding day photography.

When Stephanie isn’t photographing, you can find her eating açaí bowls, listening to country music, and spending time with family & friends!

What is unique about your business?The entire Stephanie Berenson Photography experience has been built to be unique and to stand out! SBP couples are welcomed with open arms into an experience rather than just hiring a photographer to show up on their wedding day. After all, wedding planning is supposed to be fun! I’m very hands on with my couples and love to serve as a resource for them to help them with whatever they may need and any random questions they may have. We create photography driven wedding timelines, select incredible engagement session outfits, and we’re in frequent communication leading up to the wedding. I love to serve my couples well and to have them feel like they have someone to trust and rely on for their wedding day.

Tell us a little bit about your background in your career prior to starting your business.
I’ve been photographing since I was 10 years old, and I knew growing up that photography would always be a part of my life! After graduating from college with two degrees (marketing & journalism), I set out into the corporate world to work in the tech industry in sales and then as a product owner. I absolutely loved it! I never stopped photographing though, and I was constantly photographing on the side and building up my business. After three years of working in corporate, I took the leap and went full time to pursue my dream, and I haven’t looked back! I miss all of my corporate friends, but I’m actually so lucky that so many of them have trusted me to photograph their weddings.


If you had to give just one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?
Aside from actually enjoying the wedding planning process, my best advice would be to make a list of everything you want to have for your wedding (photographer, band/DJ, wedding planner, elegant florals, etc.), and then put them in order starting with the most important. This is a great starting point to help you with which vendor to book first and where you might want to allocate your wedding budget!

What is something you are most proud of in your business?
I am so incredibly proud (and honored!) of the relationships that my couples and I have built and the ongoing friendships we have made even after their wedding! It absolutely makes my day to hear about what’s going on in their lives and to bond over fun memories and moments from their wedding. It’s also always such an honor to be asked to photograph my couples as their families grow and they welcome new babies (both human and fur babies)!

Tell us about a memory you have from a past wedding that sticks out in your mind.
I always always ALWAYS remember the very moment my couples see each other for the first time on their wedding day. This special moment is captured with my “something in my eye” face behind my camera during the beautiful first look or walk down the aisle. My couples and I have gotten to know each other well, so to me, this wedding moment feels like I’m sharing it with old friends. It’s so special, so raw, and so intimate. It’s this moment where all that matters in the world is the two of them looking into each other’s eyes. It’s simply magic, and I love capturing it.