Company Snapshot

Hi! We are Amanda & Kenzy and we are Bombshell Studios Beauty & Boudoir! We are both maternity nurses that met on the job just about four years ago.  As nurses in women’s health, we see miracles that happen every day.  We are amazed by what a woman’s body can endure, how amazing it is, and how it is not celebrated enough. We want every woman to feel self love, empowerment, confidence and see how wonderful it is to be themselves. Boudoir photography is uplifting and empowering, and we want you to find the beauty in yourself and become the bombshell you are!!


How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

Funny story- our journey started by just hyping each other up on a drunken night, the way girlfriends do, right?!  So, one thing led to another, took some bomb pictures for my best friend and of course she loved them, how could she not, she’s gorgeous! But, she does not always see herself the way I do, one BOMBSHELL female, and these pictures helped her see that! We wanted to spread that feeling, that self love, that self confidence, make others feel like they can RUN THE WORLD. So, we got together, started taking more pictures of more friends, and here we are! 

What is unique about your business?

Our boudoir photography business is different from the others because of the packages we offer! Our favorite package is our Spice Girls package, this is our bachelorette package! Bring your girls, get your hair and makeup done, take some fun pictures (with prints to keep!), have a couple drinks, listen to music, then when you are done at the studio you are ready to hit the town looking all dolled up!! And we LOVE hosting these fun packages, they are just the best time!!

How did you pick the name of your business?

Easy- we want you to feel like a beautiful BOMBSHELL! Let’s be honest, most days we feel yuck and low confidence after watching The Kardasians and see these instagram models, right? Well, that’s not real life! YOU are real life! Your partner picked YOU! So, let’s give them an unforgettable gift of boudoir pictures on your wedding day, show them how lucky they are to have you!! And, to show yourself how lucky you are to be YOU, because you are and will always be a beautiful BOMBSHELL!

What do you do in your spare time to decompress?

We LOVE to just hang out in our studio, look at the cute town we work in, talk about life while sipping coffee from the cafe across the street. When we are not in the studio having fun, we are probably down the street at the hospital working as nurses! We love to have our two worlds to bounce between and learn from. When we are not working, we are usually both at home with our husbands and rescue dogs that we love to spoil with cuddles on our down time.  

If you had to give just one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

We both had very small, intimate weddings for one reason, it is what we wanted! This is YOUR day, do what YOU want to do. Do not worry about all the people, details, and nay-sayers, you won’t remember those things. Focus on you and your partner, why you are marrying each other, why you fell in love, and what matters most in your lives. Remember your day for you and your spouse, not for anyone else!


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